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sphpblog to Wordpress Conversion 
Thursday, January 9, 2014, 05:23 PM - Web Development, Opinion, Other
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wordpress installation complete is Converting to Wordpress

As the title says, this website will be converting from sphpblog to Wordpress. sphpblog has powered for its entirety, but I've noticed many flaws. Here's what comes to mind:

- Severely outdated. Programming untouched since 2007.
- Aesthetically outdated, no web 2.0 standards.
- Does not support HTML5 and other upcoming web programming languages.
- Blog links kept in querystrings; terrible for SEO.
- Content kept in text files, compromising security.
- Open source. This has its advantages, but security is important.
- MarkItUp used for adding entries. This too is severely outdated.
- Hardcoded values.
- No embed support. Can't promote Chakeda Software on Youtube.
- Severely outdated.

I plan to complete the conversion in a week. The Wordpress blog will be cleaner, full of rich media, and more focused on Software Tutorials. If you look through the Archives and read the old entries up to the new entries, you will notice simple software information gradually becomes comprehensive software tutorials as the days go by. It means that's niche is decided: Software Tutorials.

With video supported in Wordpress, Chakeda Software's videos will be featured. They are more rich in information than the text/image limitations sphpblog imposes on me.

The conversion will move the entire website into the root folder. A 301 redirect will be used to direct to the root index. This blog's highest quality software tutorials will be moved to the wordpress site.

This entire process of Wordpress conversion will be made into a tutorial at the new Wordpress site. will complete this conversion and start a fresh, new year. Next time you check, high quality Software Tutorials will be delivered to you on a modern styled website.


The WordPress Migration is complete.

The /blog/ directory will remain for now. A 301 redirect will not be employed.

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