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BleachBit : Free Disk Space and Protect Privacy 
Friday, November 8, 2013, 09:04 PM - Software, Internet, Security
Posted by Administrator
clean cache bleachbit

Guard your privacy using BleachBit

We all have bits of tiny information left on our computer from being on the Internet: our Internet History isn't the only keeper of the past. The image above says it all.

That was the result of running BleachBit for the first time. I was astonished by the amount of unnecessary, unknown data I have accumulated. I mean "yooohtube"? "red*ube"? "miniclip"? Some of these sites I have never even heard of before. Apparently these websites have been storing information on our computers, unbeknownst to us. This is unacceptable: BleachBit will completely wipe this unnecessary data.

Free and Open Source, BleachBit allows you to clear data from Flash, Firefox, IE, Windows Explorer, FileZilla, Skype, OpenOffice, and many other applications; even your system temp files. Your application will still be functional: you'll keep your bookmarks and settings, but these unnecessary caches and cookies from websites will be wiped.

Things like "recently used" and temp files can be used to monitor what you did on your shared computer. BleachBit is the solution. Also, I cleaned 235.4 MB of hard disk space. But most importantly, these websites you saw above have stored information in our computers, without our permission. Let's wipe it all up, stay private, and start fresh.

delete firefox data bleahbit

As you can see here, you have freedom of what to delete and what not to delete. Cleaning your entire computer of junk will take a long time, and just cleaning your Firefox data will take a few seconds. Very easy to use; just point and click.

Let's enjoy our freedom. Install BleachBit from SourceForge.

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